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Le Manuscrit - Publisher
The manuscript that is seen, read and published

Thanks to the originality of their idea, Le Manuscrit Publisher - www.manuscrit.com - has opened a brand new publishing venue in the publication landscape. Since 2001, Le Manuscrit Publisher - www.manuscrit.com - accompanies a fantastic cultural movement which makes writing more democratic and supports the circulation of knowledge, leading the way on the road from a society of information to a society of authors.
A unique expertise  
Its unique expertise, based on major technological innovations, guarantees the permanent availability of the texts in a double format: paperback books and electronic books, for an absolute flexibility in publishing and the promotion of sustainable development.
A brand publisher 
Its catalogue shows a panorama of 7000 titles from every editing field, ranging from general literature to first-hand accounts, from essays to academic research papers. As a sign of its success, Le Manuscrit Publisher -www.manuscrit.com - is currently working with a community of 5000 authors around the world, published in a variety of languages. Every book is protected according to copyright laws and royalties are paid. As a real brand publisher, Le Manuscrit Publisher is asserting its privileged role in the creation of collections with institutions, research centers, foundations and non-governmental organizations.
A targeted reference system and a wide distribution 
Thanks to a targeted reference system, Le Manuscrit Publisher - www.manuscrit.com - ensures the international distribution of the different titles in bookstores (Electre, Dilicom and Titelive bibliographic references) and in the major online bookstores (Amazon, Abebooks, Chapitre etc). At the same time, Le Manuscrit Publisher cooperates with a network of diligent partners: bookstore managers, librarians, media and journalists, to encourage the discovery of new talented writers (First Novel Award, Movie Script Award etc), and to promote their catalogue with a wide public.
Interactive web based communities  
Evolving and innovative, the website www.manuscrit.com provides interactive information about literary and cultural life (interviews, podcasts, press review etc). It collects around its diverse authors, readers, active partners and web based blog communities to encourage networking and cultural exchanges.
Special events related to the books and the authors 
Le Manuscrit Publisher - www.manuscrit.com - accompanies their authors during the books promotion. Manuscrit.com Special Tuesdays, the first tuesday of the month, give the first place to a fine selection of titles in Metro newspaper, and Manuscrit.com Meetings, the first Thursday of the month, offer literary cafés centered on reading promising authors’ excerpts. The Authors’ Guide, constantly updated, announces salons, bookshops, literary cafés and other chic places where authors are available to sign their books. In Manuscrit.com cultural magazine, informations and events about new books and authors’ events can be found, related to the news.

Le Manuscrit Publisher - www.manuscrit.com - is a member of the French National Publishing Syndicate.

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